You are the face of your business/brand. Your main goal in your business is what …? Making money? Meeting new people (which translates to more sales, right? More money?) How do you meet new people to add to your networking contacts? Sure, social media is a phenomenal way to meet new people, but in-person meetings are way more memorable!

Networking events are pretty easy to find – a simple Facebook search will usually do the trick. You can also check and see if the people you “follow” in your industry are hosting events or are guest speakers at an event.

If you are local to me in San Diego – I work with a group called San Diego Small Business Forum that hosts not only networking events on a monthly basis, but also vendor events on a bi-monthly basis! Vendor events are wonderful for small businesses looking to connect with other people. You can have a table at one of these events and either sell your goods & services, or just provide information for potential clients!

When attending these types of events, it’s extremely important to have business cards ready to hand out, as well as a short introduction about yourself and your business. Remember: you’re there to meet new people! Connect with everyone you can and don’t forget to smile!